PPDP Episode 2: A Whole Black Olive Slice

In the latest episode, our childhood friend Matthew stops by halfway through his adventure biking across America! Join us as we interview our very own Forrest Hump and ask him the important questions such as “How do you masturbate on the road” and “Why is your grandmother so Anti-Semetic?”. This episode also provides all theContinue reading “PPDP Episode 2: A Whole Black Olive Slice”

PPDP Episode 1 – The Day of Girth

We are celebrating both Matt and Spencer’s birthdays this week! First your hosts discuss such topics as the adult industry, c*ck rings, butt plugs and haircuts. Caden gets Matt and Spencer a very special gift for his two best buddies! Enjoy! Follow CadenTwitter: @HadenCaynesIG: @cadotomato Follow Matt@richranchy Intro and Outro by Double UUTwitter/Instagram:_doubleuuSpotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/79TXgIOU7IzJJhdsCWwub0?si=5cUM6a4zRH-d5PrB0YlijQ